Will You Please Come?

Mom and I were looking for invitations the other day and ran across there super cool looking ones. They were a western theme, they looked somewhat like the wanted posters from the 1800’s.… Continue reading

The Honest Truth

The whole point of this blog was because it was assigned to me for a class. I had to have so many blogs per month and a total of 48 for the semester.… Continue reading

The Honeymoon

This is the most important part to me. I know the wedding day is important yea, but you know the honeymoon is a touchy subject, haha. So we have been really thinking about… Continue reading

Staying On Top

The wedding day is the most important day to the bride. Everything has to go right and hopefully everyone shows up! Another thing that the bride dreads or at least worries about is… Continue reading

The Girl’s Gifts

When we found the dresses that the girls wanted to wear, and seemed to go so perfect with I had a talk with them before anything was purchased. I told the girls that… Continue reading

Bridesmaid decision

  I talked with my bridesmaids about dresses. They didn’t really seem to care what they wore, which made it harder for me. So I showed them what I had picked out so… Continue reading

It all comes down to this

I finally decided to use pies and cup-cakes instead of a cake. I have my Aunt Layne to make the cupcakes because she is awesome. She said that she could even make the… Continue reading

Tip of the Bottle

I have saved up a ton of my wine bottles to use for art projects. I was looking for things on pinterest and ideas on how to use them and what all I… Continue reading

24 hour Technology Detox

So for my mass communications class we were required to do a 24 hour technology detox. This meant no tv, no phone, no computer, no nothing. Our professor kindly reminded us that we… Continue reading

Let’s Give the Boy’s a Hand!

So for the guys I have really thought about how they should dress. I really like the idea of them just wearing nice jeans, a nice button up, maybe a pale shade of… Continue reading