I think I found it!

I went the other day to try on dresses and about had a come apart because everything that I tried on was close to what I wanted but it just didn’t hit the… Continue reading

Take a Pic!

A lot of people take pictures at their weddings during their reception. Normally people bring their own cameras or the photographer is following everyone around and taking pics. So to avoid people losing… Continue reading

A style similar

This dress is similar to the first dress that I posted. It has the some of the same things that I liked in the first dress as well. It has the key-hole back,… Continue reading

Oh hair!

Hairstyles are so important! I know that the hair really depends on the dress, because some styles might look atrocious. With the easy going style that I can imagine in my head I… Continue reading

The Vows

This is something that I think is the most important part of the ceremony. The vow is the promise to love each other for a lifetime and to be true to each other… Continue reading

Fried or Baked?

This is kind of a bit of a story: I have always wanted to have a full coarse meal, nothing to special because I want people to be in casual clothing and have… Continue reading

Dress Number One

            Here is the first bridesmaid dress that I am looking at. I think that it is cute, simple, and it would breathe well. I am not necessarily… Continue reading

Where do I sit?

Depending on where we decide to have our wedding I have an idea for one of the places. It is outside, my grandparents backyard, and it has a great view. They just recently… Continue reading

Bridesmaids Cont.

I think I have figured out my list of bridesmaids, but it is susceptible for change. For one I think I will have my sister Lisa as the maid of honor. She is… Continue reading

The Dreaded Guest list..

The guest list, oh the guest list. I don’t have the exact number of people down and the more I think about who I want to invite the more names I write. The… Continue reading