24 hour Technology Detox

So for my mass communications class we were required to do a 24 hour technology detox. This meant no tv, no phone, no computer, no nothing. Our professor kindly reminded us that we should not lie or fabricate any tall tales because he had read so many of these when assigned that he could pick out the liars and the hard-core honest people. I knew I could do it I had 100% faith in myself, because normally I can do anything I set my mind to right? I even mentioned what I had to do to my parents so they could help make sure that I didn’t mess up and have to start all over again.

Here’s how my attempt at the 24 hour technology detox resulted:

Wednesday November 21, 2012

I woke up around 12 in the afternoon because my whole family had gone out the night before for my dad’s birthday to eat, see a movie, and then we all went to Walmart to make sure that we had everything for good ole “turkey day.” I woke up thinking oh yea I am going to start my assignment at midnight last night because that was the time that I went to sleep. I was SO  bored for a while and then I remembered I have laundry that needs to be done and I also have homework that I need to catch up on. Some of my homework was to do blogs and get caught up and then to take a test for an online class but I remember well I can’t do those today because of my assignment, (secretly in my head I was doing a happy dance because it was an excuse not to do school stuff). So I did my laundry and folded clothes and while I waited I read a book that I had read in high school and absolutely loved! (The Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray, it is actually a trilogy). I got a headache and stopped reading so I ended up wandering around my house looking for something to do. My dad was working, my sister was gone Christmas shopping with her friends and my mom was stuck in her room working on homework, she is working on her doctorate. I went in her room anyway to talk to her but that ended terribly because she interrupted me and said “I am doing homework, and you are just trying to pass time on your 24 hour technology detox so go find something to do please, and I love you haha.” So I finally got up off her bed and took my puppy, Duckie outside to play. We played and went for a walk. I came in and thought I got this! I can do this! I also thought that time had flown by but it was only 3:45 in the afternoon. I drug my self up the stairs and walked into my room and thought about picking my book up and reading some more, but conveniently my headache came back. A shower I thought! So I took a major long shower and got out and took the time to dry my hair and straighten it, then go decide what I wanted to wear, and put on a little bit of makeup. By the time I got done it was 5:15 and my dad and boyfriend were coming home to get ready for church. While I waited on them to get home I did pick my book up and read…very slowly. When they got home and got ready my boyfriend decided he didn’t want to go to church because he was so tired and he just wanted to go to his parents house to spend some time with them. So I went with him and we got to the house about 8:30. When we got there his mom had ordered us some food and we went to pick it up and came home and she had a movie that she had bought and thought we might want to watch it with her, so guess what she put it in. We started watching the movie, and paused it for bathroom break and she asked me about school. I started telling her everything and mentioned my assignment for mass communications. Then it hit me, I had messed up! I was so frustrated! So I decided I would try again on thanksgiving day because all of my family would be there!


Thursday November 22, 2012

I let my phone die so I would have to leave it on the charger in my room, upstairs. Mom came in and woke me up about 7 to help pick stuff up around the house and then to help her with all of the cooking. She had more groceries that she needed so I had her make a SUPER detailed list since I was leaving my phone at home. Needless to say the day went by really fast. I got to hang out with my mom and sister and help clean and cook. Then the rest of my family got there about noon and some of them were still cooking and making things. So it was like a huge family cook out in my kitchen. So as the food was finishing up I helped set the table and get ready to eat. We didn’t eat until 2:30 or so. When we finished eating and I actually got up from the table it was 4, and the grandkids get to clean up so my sister, little cousin and I cleaned up everyone’s dinner and got all the food and dishes put away. By this time it was 5:30 and we all went to sit in the living room to talk and chill. I listened to my grandparents talk about how the election turned out and their disappointments and concerns. Of course my dad talked about how the church was doing (he’s a preacher) and what all was going on on the farm (he’s a farmer too). Next in line to talk were the grandkids and we talked about school, love life, what we wanted for Christmas and everything. Conversation started to die down and we all knew what was coming next. We have this tradition of playing card games on holidays. This year I learned to play Nertz and a few of my other family members knew how to play so I went and bought a few more decks of cards at the grocery store and came back home to get started. When we started playing it would 8. We played a few rounds took a few breaks for pie and bathroom breaks and then got started again playing. Well my grandma came in about 9:30 to watch us play, she couldn’t play with us because she just had shoulder surgery. She mentioned that there was a rule on how many cards you could view in your Nertz pile. My cousin had left her computer up and running, so I immediately went strait to the computer and looked up the rules, read them aloud, and started to play again. Before we started playing I started thinking, and realized CRAP! I messed up again.


Needless to say I failed at trying to stay away from technology. I was going to try again over the weekend but I traveled to Atlanta, GA and had to have my phone so I could check in with mom and dad so they knew that I was okay. I never realized how controlling technology had become until instructed to do this assignment. We as people have become weakened because of it. I know that technology has its perks but it also comes with a great cost of total reliance. I am not saying that we should get rid of it but maybe limit ourselves.

I will be honest I thought about telling a little white lie about how I conquered the urge of using technology but I couldn’t bring myself to it. However I must say that I am not that dependent upon technology, and I can handle not having it. The reason why I couldn’t complete the assignment was out of habit not out of desire. So there’s what went down!