The Girl’s Gifts

When we found the dresses that the girls wanted to wear, and seemed to go so perfect with I had a talk with them before anything was purchased. I told the girls that I would buy their dresses like normal. I then told them that they would be responsible for the boots. At first I didn’t think that they would like my idea too much and before they could say anything I told them that if that didn’t work that we could figure something out, but I wasn’t going to picky on making sure that all of their boots matched. As long as they were mostly brown and were cowgirl boots I was happy. I didn’t care if they had colored stitching or a few designs on them, because that adds character and doesn’t make it so uniform. It allows the girls to make the outfit what they want it to be and not necessarily all what I want it to be. To my surprise they were all really excited (which made me happy). They planned a date where they would all go boot shopping together!

But buying their dresses isn’t going to be the gift that I give them. I  know that on a special day every single girl wants her nails and toes to be pretty and looking good. So I talked it over with mom and dad and they liked what I had to say. I told the girls that I didn’t really want them to have their nails and stuff painted on the day of the wedding just because I didn’t want them to worry about having all of that done. They were cool with it. What they don’t know is that I have already set the date of the morning of the wedding for all of us to go to my families salon and get our make-up done, and our nails and toes done. It’s all on me! My uncle owns the salon and said that he wouldn’t charge for the make-up, and that all we had to pay for was the mani’s and pedi’s (and even at that he said just this once I could get a family discount). I want to get all of our toes the same color, (baby blue), and to get a french manicure on our hands. I have some sweet ideas for pictures, ones that the girls will want to keep and will mean a lot to all of us.


Oh I am SOO excited! 🙂