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Staying On Top

The wedding day is the most important day to the bride. Everything has to go right and hopefully everyone shows up! Another thing that the bride dreads or at least worries about is… Continue reading

Stress Free

Wow! This semester has been totally crazy for me. Trying to think of things for a wedding and keep up with school, family, and holidays can sure get a girl down. The best… Continue reading

Fit for Food

Since I have my dress I really need to start making sure that I am sticking to a healthy diet and watching what I eat. I already do that but I might need… Continue reading

Toothie Smoothie

Getting your normal fruits and veggies every day is a good idea. Vegetables in particular contain phytochemicals or better known as “cancer fighters.” However just eating both raw or having your veggies steamed… Continue reading

Girl look at that body!

So most all women want to be in shape before their wedding… duh! I want to be a little more than in shape, being a wellness major doesn’t help the fact either. I… Continue reading