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These Boots Were Made for Walking

Yes I am a country girl, and no I am not at all super girly. The one thing that I am picky about and have a ton of however are boots. I have… Continue reading


I am obsessed with messy hair do’s for weddings. Not the insane messy ones, mainly because that is just tacky and my mother would kill me. I really like the ones that are… Continue reading

I think I found it!

I went the other day to try on dresses and about had a come apart because everything that I tried on was close to what I wanted but it just didn’t hit the… Continue reading

A style similar

This dress is similar to the first dress that I posted. It has the some of the same things that I liked in the first dress as well. It has the key-hole back,… Continue reading

Numero Uno

So we will discuss the first style of dress that I really like. My favorite thing about it is the lace. I cannot tell you why I am so fascinated with lace but… Continue reading

What’s in dress?

A brides dress is the most vital part in the wedding, to me anyway. There are a various number of styles and designs of wedding dresses and it can be hard to pick… Continue reading