Numero Uno

So we will discuss the first style of dress that I really like. My favorite thing about it is the lace. I cannot tell you why I am so fascinated with lace but… Continue reading

Toothie Smoothie

Getting your normal fruits and veggies every day is a good idea. Vegetables in particular contain phytochemicals or better known as “cancer fighters.” However just eating both raw or having your veggies steamed… Continue reading


A dress that zips up the back will bring a husband and a wife together.
– James H. Boren

Girl look at that body!

So most all women want to be in shape before their wedding… duh! I want to be a little more than in shape, being a wellness major doesn’t help the fact either. I… Continue reading

A little more thought..

Since I know that one of my bridesmaids will be my sister, I have thought about a few other girls. My best friend Gabby that I met in high school has been there… Continue reading

Pick your Pastor!

Picking a pastor for me shouldn’t be too difficult. While growing up my dad was the youth minister and we had several different pastors come through. Bro. Evans, Bro. Matt, and Bro. Chris… Continue reading


Today themes are super important. Years ago, like when my parents got married I really don’t think that themes were as prominent as they are now. You have the western theme, elegant theme,… Continue reading

What’s in dress?

A brides dress is the most vital part in the wedding, to me anyway. There are a various number of styles and designs of wedding dresses and it can be hard to pick… Continue reading

Who and how many?

When picking bridesmaids the bride should probably first think about how many girls she wants standing up there next to her. She should then, after picking the magic number, think of the girls… Continue reading