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It all comes down to this

I finally decided to use pies and cup-cakes instead of a cake. I have my Aunt Layne to make the cupcakes because she is awesome. She said that she could even make the… Continue reading

Party Party Party!

    I have been looking for ideas for party gift and found this as an idea. I thought it was kind of cute and ┬ádifferent, because everyone has to like tea, right?… Continue reading

how about a cup?

I know I discussed the cake issue, “fried or baked” but I also had another idea. Cupcakes! I could even have these with the different pies. Maybe just have one pie, the one… Continue reading

Take a Pic!

A lot of people take pictures at their weddings during their reception. Normally people bring their own cameras or the photographer is following everyone around and taking pics. So to avoid people losing… Continue reading

Fried or Baked?

This is kind of a bit of a story: I have always wanted to have a full coarse meal, nothing to special because I want people to be in casual clothing and have… Continue reading