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The Girl’s Gifts

When we found the dresses that the girls wanted to wear, and seemed to go so perfect with I had a talk with them before anything was purchased. I told the girls that… Continue reading

Bridesmaid decision

  I talked with my bridesmaids about dresses. They didn’t really seem to care what they wore, which made it harder for me. So I showed them what I had picked out so… Continue reading

Let’s Give the Boy’s a Hand!

So for the guys I have really thought about how they should dress. I really like the idea of them just wearing nice jeans, a nice button up, maybe a pale shade of… Continue reading

Colors of the Day

      I have settled on the colors that I like. I know that I did not discuss them in the previous post about colors, but oh well. I am going to… Continue reading

Flower Girl Dress

  As you all know pinterest is not only for foods and crafts but for creating your imaginary wedding or just pulling ideas from other people. I found this super cute dress for… Continue reading

The Flower Girl

I am not sure if there are any rules to picking a flower girl but I would really like for her to be in the family or a little girl who is really… Continue reading

Dresses for the girls

    With scheduling our wedding for October of next year and seeing how October this year has had it’s really chilly days I started re-thinking bridesmaid dresses. It might benefit the girls… Continue reading

Oh hair!

Hairstyles are so important! I know that the hair really depends on the dress, because some styles might look atrocious. With the easy going style that I can imagine in my head I… Continue reading

Dress Number One

            Here is the first bridesmaid dress that I am looking at. I think that it is cute, simple, and it would breathe well. I am not necessarily… Continue reading

Bridesmaids Cont.

I think I have figured out my list of bridesmaids, but it is susceptible for change. For one I think I will have my sister Lisa as the maid of honor. She is… Continue reading