Staying On Top

The wedding day is the most important day to the bride. Everything has to go right and hopefully everyone shows up! Another thing that the bride dreads or at least worries about is fitting in her dress and being completely in shape. Not to mention looking drop dead gorgeous. Here are some tips in keeping your body up to par for your wedding dress that has helped me and I am going to continue doing:

Eat healthy: try to make sure and get your veggies, fruits, carbs and protein in every day. It doesn’t have to be a big deal but eating those kinds of food will definitely help balance out your body.

Drink water: drinking water is the best thing for your body. When you work out your body will sweat better and you will feel better. Drinking cokes and sweat tea for sure will make you sluggish not to mention it makes you bloat.

Exercise: getting in at least 3 workouts per week for at least 30-35 minutes will help to maintain your body shape. If you are eating healthy and drinking water you might see a few pounds fade away 🙂 that’s always a good thing