Bridesmaid decision


I talked with my bridesmaids about dresses. They didn’t really seem to care what they wore, which made it harder for me. So I showed them what I had picked out so far and they liked the longer dress over the shorter one. We decided to go shop around for dresses and just take a girls day. When we got tired of looking for bridesmaid dresses and trying just anything on, we just went shopping instead. We went into this store that had some awesome deals and found some really cute dresses. One of my girls pulled this denim dress out that she wanted and tried it on. She then came running out of the dressing room and told me that “these would make awesome bridesmaid dresses, especially with boots and the sunflowers!” So all of the girls tried on the same denim dress, they all fit perfectly, and were all a great length. It all seemed to good to be true! So needless to say we found our dresses! Yay! 🙂