Just Married!

    Every couple runs down the aisle after they say “I do” and either run to their get away car afterwards to go to the reception or they just head straight to… Continue reading

The Flower Girl

I am not sure if there are any rules to picking a flower girl but I would really like for her to be in the family or a little girl who is really… Continue reading

Dresses for the girls

    With scheduling our wedding for October of next year and seeing how October this year has had it’s really chilly days I started re-thinking bridesmaid dresses. It might benefit the girls… Continue reading

Here’s Your Sign

    I saw this and thought it was super cute and funny. I have seen several different weddings where people have signs that point to where the actual ceremony will take place… Continue reading

Just an Idea

    So I finally got a picture of the little church that I have been thinking about. This church is a historical landmark. Creepy but interesting there is a graveyard surrounding the… Continue reading

how about a cup?

I know I discussed the cake issue, “fried or baked” but I also had another idea. Cupcakes! I could even have these with the different pies. Maybe just have one pie, the one… Continue reading

Here’s your sign

Mom and I were talking the other day about random stuff dealing with wedding plans. We were talking about some issues we were experiencing in inviting some family members. They called mom and… Continue reading

Oh my gosh we are ENGAGED!

Everyone takes engagement pictures and sends them out I think for “save the dates.” We haven’t decided on our engagement pictures yet because I haven’t really decided on a photographer yet. I want… Continue reading

The Ring

I have posted pictures of everything that I love and things that I want but I realized the other day that I haven’t ever shown a picture of my ring. I have to… Continue reading

Fit for Food

Since I have my dress I really need to start making sure that I am sticking to a healthy diet and watching what I eat. I already do that but I might need… Continue reading