These Boots Were Made for Walking

Yes I am a country girl, and no I am not at all super girly. The one thing that I am picky about and have a ton of however are boots. I have my crap boots, my riding boots, my dressy boots, and my boots that I were with jeans. This is probably the best thing about the wardrobe that I have. I have always wanted to get married in my boots and I have a pair that I love and will wear with my dress. So this will add to my cha-ching pot of savings :). A lot of girls go out and buy new pairs for their weddings but then you have to break those in and get them actually ready to wear and be comfortable and I don’t really want to have to worry about that. These are what they look like. I know that they aren’t really frilly but I think they should be simple so they don’t take away from my dress.