How Do I Pick?

Okay, so I have been looking and looking for colors. I got on some websites looking at color palettes and looking at other wedding pictures. I don’t know if you any of you know this but there are a ton of different colors that people use for weddings. Some of these colors are strange and aren’t repeated but then there are those that have been used over and over again.

I am one to ride away from the norm line but I don’t like to get to crazy with it. So as far as colors I have favored:


green and cream with maybe a few dark browns thrown in there. It is very earthy and would fit in well with the fall season. However I have also loved



Blue and purple, as well as




Red and orange. These are all some awesome colors and would look beautiful in the fall! But how do you pick?? I started thinking about flowers and what my favorite flowers were, which are daisy’s and sunflowers. Those are yellow. Either of those flowers whether separated or together would look good with any of the colors that I have picked. So how in the world do I pick now?