Flower Girl Dress


As you all know pinterest is not only for foods and crafts but for creating your imaginary wedding or just pulling ideas from other people. I found this super cute dress for little girls on pinterest and talked with mom to see if she liked it. She thought it was absolutely adorable! I told her that there was a catch however and she looked at me with big eyes, cocked an eyebrow, and said “uh huh what is it?” I told her that she would have to make it. I was afraid that she would tell me no but she said that she would love to do that. I told her it just meant a lot to me because she use to make dresses for me as a little girl and I know she loved doing it and I figured maybe it would mean a little something to her to be able to do that again (even though it isn’t necessarily for me, but to contribute to a part of my life).