I am obsessed with messy hair do’s for weddings. Not the insane messy ones, mainly because that is just tacky and my mother would kill me. I really like the ones that are curly and just kind of bobby-pinned everywhere in different places or the ones that are braided. I love braids. But I really like these pendants that are used as hair pieces. The first one that I saw was on the television show Vampire Diaries. The one that was worn in the show was a silver with royal blue gems. After I saw it I was in love. I found a hair piece similar to it, and would like to try it with my dress to see how it goes together, I don’t really want to clash or have too much going on.


This is it! I don’t think that it would be too much, but I think the twisting and curling is very elegant. Plus my hair is naturally super curly and can be impossible at times. With this hair style I could just about eliminate the¬†orneriness that likes to present itself on important days.