In Remembrance Of


Families always experience a loss of other family members. Some families experience losses greater than others. However there are several ways to remember them. I lost my uncle when I was 15 and he had a major impact on my life. It did not matter who I was dating, liking, or crushing on he would always cause a seen. He was so protective of my sister and I, and loved us dearly. One thing that I always looked to was having him come to my wedding and seeing me happy (plus he always liked to threaten my other half). My Uncle Tim will be greatly missed on our special day just like he is every holiday.

So for the wedding I think that it would be awesome and would mean a lot to my family for us to take an 8×10 picture and frame it. After framing it I will place it on the front row and put a note under it for my aunt. It will be something special for her and for me. I think that this will make all of us feel like he is there, even though I know he is watching from up above.

This will also work for my fiance’s family and their losses that they would like to remember.