advice for the groom and bride?



When we were putting together the invitation list mom and I started talking about how the majority of the people being invited were either older family members or just my parents friends. Many of them are married and have several kids, and some of their kids have kids. Then we started putting together some shower guest lists and started talking about games that we wanted to play. But mom got a little serious and had a talk with me about how marriage wasn’t all fun and games that there are a lot of things that we will have to discover on our own and learn together as a couple. I agreed with her and told her I would probably be calling her like crazy to ask for advice, she laughed and said oh honey that’s ok but you will learn don’t worry. We both thought that it would be fun to ask guests at the wedding for marriage/honeymoon advice. Some we would read before we left for our wedding but most of it we would read after we got back. Whenever we sent out thank you notes for wedding gifts we would include how we enjoyed their advice or how funny it was.