how about a cup?

I know I discussed the cake issue, “fried or baked” but I also had another idea. Cupcakes! I could even have these with the different pies. Maybe just have one pie, the one that the groom and the bride cut and eat together. Cupcakes are just fun and easier to do I think. Plus you can have different flavors mainly chocolate or vanilla but there’s strawberry and blueberry. I don’t know if icing would taste good on blueberry cupcakes though :/.

To have cupcakes however you must have a stand, and this is where I can get creative, which I love to do. I found this super cool stand on pinterest that I know my dad can make, it looked pretty easy! It will go pretty awesome with the kind of feel that we are going for and it’s a DIY project so it will save on some mon-ay!