Oh my gosh we are ENGAGED!

Everyone takes engagement pictures and sends them out I think for “save the dates.” We haven’t decided on our engagement pictures yet because I haven’t really decided on a photographer yet. I want someone who is going to be adventurous and take some unique (not crazy, but unique) pictures. Neither of us have even really decided on a place where we would like to take our pictures AH! However I do have enough time, really no pressure quite yet. One thing that we have decided on is that we want to take pictures in the fall because the leaves are turning colors and it’s not ridiculously hot outside.

This may sound really funny but I have looked at other couples engagement pictures and some of the things that they did in their photos. There is one pose that I found that this couple did and I REALLY like it. Both of us love to hunt, so it would represent a small something that we share together. Another idea that I had thought about was to take some pictures with our horses. I barrel race and he just thinks he is a cowboy (haha) so that’s another thing that we share.