Here’s your sign

Mom and I were talking the other day about random stuff dealing with wedding plans. We were talking about some issues we were experiencing in inviting some family members. They called mom and asked about the engagement and they were wondering if we had set a date. So of course mom told them and they have planned a huge family vacation then so they won’t be able to make it. Kind of a bummer but we can send them a video and pictures!

While we were discussing that she pretty much jumps to the subject of “how are we going to let people know that they are on the right track or mark where the wedding is taking place if we have it at memaw and pop’s?” I looked at her and laughed, but it really bothered me. So I told her maybe we could use some balloons or tie huge ribbons on signs and trees. She thought those were good ideas, but she came up with one even better. Were we use to live there was this family who put big round hay bales in their front yard and would spray paint super cool stuff on the middle. They would do it for their kids birthdays, and holidays. They were pretty sweet and a lot of the time we would see people stopping and taking pictures because they were pieces of art.

She said something about that and if I remembered and I said “yea but I have no idea why you thought of that haha” and she said that it would be cool for us to decorate a hay bale with our initials and put it in the front where everyone can see it! She was really excited about it and she started looking up designs on the internet and different ideas for decorating. I fell in love with what she found and I agree I think that it is an amazing idea!