I think I found it!

I went the other day to try on dresses and about had a come apart because everything that I tried on was close to what I wanted but it just didn’t hit the mark for me. I knew my mom was probably so frustrated with me, which made me feel horrible. I really try not to be too picky but sometimes a girl just can’t help it.

So I told mom I have one more dress to try on and if I don’t absolutely love it, then we will go home and we will try again another day. Well, I tried on the dress and was just amazed. It hit every curve that I wanted, it has the lace, the buttons, it has a dip in the back that I love, I was just in heaven! I walked out to show mom and she cried, which made me cry, and my sister cry. It was an emotional dress so I told mom this is the one.

We had talked about budget and picked out dresses that met my budget. There were a few dresses that we grabbed that were about $200 over budget, and of course this was one. Mom and I decided that we would go home and talk with dad just to make sure that it was okay we splurged a little more on the dress. We already made plans to order because they have my size. When mom and I discussed everything on the way home she said I am a little worried your dad will have to think about this one because there are a few other things that we have to buy like your veil. I kindly reminded her that I didn’t want to wear a veil, (which wasn’t included in my budget), and that since a veil was out maybe dad wouldn’t have such a hard time with making a decision.

So we went home to talk to dad, and I showed him the pictures and he looked up without me telling him the dilemma and said this is your dress, this is my little girls dress. I thought I was going to ball, because tears came to his eyes. I told him the dress was $150 over budget so we didn’t order it yet. He said that it was fine, no problem to go ahead and order it! I am so excited! So I have my dress heck yes and now on to other things 🙂