Fit for Food

Since I have my dress I really need to start making sure that I am sticking to a healthy diet and watching what I eat. I already do that but I might need to be a little more strict than normal.

Snacks are a problem for me but fixing dinner can sometimes be a problem for me to. A lot of the time I am totally pooped after school, workouts, and work so Chic-fil-A here I come! That is what happens most nights. I love chicken and I need to make sure that I get in a good protein level for workouts. I thought about this recipe for chicken and it was amazing when I put it together!

I took some chicken breasts and soaked them in some water with lemon juice. I then put it in the skillet with some red and green peppers. I thought about onions but I really really don’t like those even though they add good flavor, there’s no way. I added a little bit of garlic salt and pepper put in a little pinch of butter and boom, it was SO yummy!