Fried or Baked?

This is kind of a bit of a story:

I have always wanted to have a full coarse meal, nothing to special because I want people to be in casual clothing and have fun. We are talking bar-b-que, baked beans, coleslaw, pickles, and chips. I think that sounds pretty amazing. But I think my budget is going to cut that idea out. Most weddings have intricate cakes and they go along with the themes and colors.









Well this is kind of odd, but I think it would be different to have different kinds of pies instead of having the traditional cake.  I love chocolate pie! You can do so many different flavors and who doesn’t eat pie? ( I am sure there are people who don’t but oh well).


So I think I may just change the whole menu and do finger foods like fruit and veggies and chicken fingers and stuff like that. And for cake? Doing pies! My favorite is chocolate pie.

I have yet to talk this over with my mom, haha, and my soon to be other half. So this may or may not work, but we will see!