Where do I sit?

Depending on where we decide to have our wedding I have an idea for one of the places. It is outside, my grandparents backyard, and it has a great view. They just recently renovated their back porch and added an awning all the way around the back of the house. They also had furniture built for them out of wood, so there’s my plus they already have rustic furniture. Yay! So I have been thinking about seating arrangements, not necessarily where people will sit because I am not picky that doesn’t bother me, but more of the thought what will people sit on?

Hay Bales!! This is kind of what I am thinking. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same in the picture because I will definitely have different flowers but the lace covering the hay bale is a pretty sweet idea, or we could even get cheap sheets that are white or the colors that I chose for the wedding and put those on top instead. One thing is for sure I am all about cheap and I don’t really want to spend a ton of money on things. We grow and cut our own hay so I won’t have to purchase any hay bales, this is a plus! However this is just an idea on seating for outside. I will try to get pictures this weekend of both places that we are looking at to possibly hold the ceremony.