Bridesmaids Cont.

I think I have figured out my list of bridesmaids, but it is susceptible for change. For one I think I will have my sister Lisa as the maid of honor. She is my closest friend and has been there for me the longest. Next in line (she will probably serve as my second maid of honor) will be Gabby. Even though we don’t get to see each other as much she still means the world to me and I wouldn’t want her to be anywhere else but standing up there with me. I am very proud of her by the way, she is in the Navy right now! As long as she is not out of commission due to her duties I think she would be honored to be a bridesmaid.

The other bridesmaid will be my room-mate Lauryn. This girl means the world to me, and has been there at my side when I needed her. Our friendship has been a journey and I have enjoyed learning about life and growing up with her. She will also be a good “mouth” for me when I am having a problem setting my foot down on matters. I trust her with that title.

I am excited that I got that taken care of! Now to look for dresses 🙂