The Dreaded Guest list..

The guest list, oh the guest list. I don’t have the exact number of people down and the more I think about who I want to invite the more names I write. The guest list is probably the worst part for me in planning. Somewhere in a magazine my friend who got married last year read and told me that you are supposed to expect at least 75% of the people you invite to show up. Mom and I talked about the people (pretty much on my side of the family) who needs to come and who doesn’t need to come. From what I gathered I will be inviting darn near everybody. She kept telling me that when she and daddy got married that she sent out over 500 invitations but not even half of them showed up for the wedding.

I really started thinking the other day, and came to the conclusion that I do not want t a huge wedding, plus I have to take into account the people that my soon to be other half wants to invite so I can’t be a hog in how many people I invite. I really only want the family there that I get to see more than once every few years. I have a few friends that I want to invite and then I have a few teachers and professors from high school and college that I want to invite.

I have a rough draft made of my list and….the total number of people that I have from my side of the family is……… 150.

That can’t be too terrible?   Right?