What’s in dress?

A brides dress is the most vital part in the wedding, to me anyway. There are a various number of styles and designs of wedding dresses and it can be hard to pick between what you like, what you love, and “oh my goodness I just don’t know!” With the number of choices to chose from I thought about what the dress meant to me. When I find the dress that I adore it will express what getting married means to me, how I feel about the man that I am marrying, and will hopefully be drop dead gorgeous. I have always envisioned walking down an isle with the love of my life staring at me with the biggest smile on his face or just in awe with his mouth agape and eyes full of surprise, (would be nice to see a few small tears in the corner of his eyes, I know I will have a few myself, but I won’t get my hopes up). So characteristics that I might be looking for in a dress: 1) white, of course because I have waited to marry my best friend and saved everything and all that I am for him 2) fitted but not stuck to my body, I want to cling to my future husband and live our lives together but not be overbearing and annoying 3) full of lace, lace to me speaks soft, innocent, and loving 4) buttons, I love the satin covered buttons they are vintage and elegant.

Soon to come: ideas!