Today themes are super important. Years ago, like when my parents got married I really don’t think that themes were as prominent as they are now. You have the western theme, elegant theme, princess theme, and many many more. I guess I have to admit that I will follow in modern tradition of picking a theme but it won’t be just because I want to look a certain way, or have a certain feel at the ceremony and reception. No, my theme will represent who I am and what I have grown up to be along with the man that I am marrying. I grew up a farmers daughter as well as a preachers daughter. So I have always ridden in trucks, climbed up on my dad’s lap in the tractor, and sang in the choir on Sunday mornings. I’m sure you know where this is going, it can’t be a surprise. A rustic-western wedding is what I would like to shoot for. I don’t want it to be redneck because I haven’t ever been that country. It should be more sophisticated and well educated ha! So I guess I have a lot to keep in mind when looking for decorations, no “bubba teeth.”