Pick your Pastor!

Picking a pastor for me shouldn’t be too difficult. While growing up my dad was the youth minister and we had several different pastors come through. Bro. Evans, Bro. Matt, and Bro. Chris Gullege. All three were great mentors for my dad as well as good friends. My dad and Bro. Chris still get together and go hit a few golf balls when they can. But my dad has been a pastor since before I was born. He has done multiple weddings and has done an awesome job. Daddy has been a great influence on my spiritual life and has been there for me through thick and thin. I could not ask for anyone better to be my dad than who he is now. My dad has also been an influence to my best friend. He has been there for him in his lowest of lows. The relationship that they share is like no other guy I have dated, it’s quite amazing. So it goes without say that I would love for me dad to be the one not only to give me away but also to do the ceremony.